Night At The Ballet

For the weekly Photo Challenge: Create, I thought about all the effort that a Ballet play needs to have to in order to communicate feelings, state of minds, emotions… that it happens at the moment to later just be remembered and  kept as a cherished memory. On the photographing side I didn’t realized how hard it is to keep up with the camera settings every time the lighting changes.At every instant, creation was taking place.

Double click the photo to see it enlarged.


26 thoughts on “Night At The Ballet

  1. More great pictures! And what an interesting point that you need to keep adjusting not only to the movement of the dancers but to the stage lighting. Congratulations on taking such good photos under such difficult conditions.

  2. Ballerinas, they make the dance look so easy, so effortless and yet, for the very good ones, it takes many hours of hard, painful training to get such grace.
    You captured the beauty of their graceful moves wonderfully!

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