18 comments on “Arrested.

  1. It’s interesting I just read this post, and here’s why: Two hours ago I was doing my usual weekly grocery shopping. As I drove away from the store, I passed by a gas station – where 5 police cars had surrounded the entrance, their lights flashing. Two officers had their hands on a handcuffed man, and three more officers stood close by. While part of me was very curious and wanted to take a picture, a stronger part of me wanted to get away quickly. Why? I wasn’t exactly “afraid”, but thought it would be wise to let the police do their job without any additional interference. I mean, how would they know that I wasn’t an accomplice to the suspect? I want them to feel as safe as possible as they do a very dangerous job, so I chose to stay away and not give them any more people (or situations) to worry about.


    • I think it points to “not-to-do-it” kind of thing. This is the most convincing reason I have heard from all. Yes, police should feel safe when doing their job and not to put them nervous for our own sake. 🙂


  2. I’d be torn, wanting to photograph it but knowing it’s asking for trouble! Instead I’d possibly just watch, remember as much as possible and write a poem instead.


  3. Oh I def would have taken pics! Sadly though, i know it leads to trouble with the police who don’t take kindly to citizen journalists.

    My son took pics of my other son (his younger bro) when the cops were arresting him after a bar brawl. When the police realized what was happening they threatened him with arrest if he didn’t stop filming..and then they seized his smartphone as evidence. The photos WOULD have been GREAT evidence of the threats (and prior beating of the brawlers) if they hadn’t been conveniently “lost” ! My son’s lawyer really pushed the issue too, but to this day that smartphone has never turned up!


  4. street photography i imagine is riskier in some places more than others. since you carefully posted a photo without an easy way to identify the people in the photograph, i think your intuition served you well. thankfully you have good friends watching over you – bless their hearts.


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